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Cultural Identity

Historic Pueblo, Inc. is a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the history, and the future history, of the historical structures in our community.   We run educational events and attend seminars throughout the year to help keep you informed.  We also support community-backed preservation efforts, like the Goodnight Barn and the upcoming CF&I documentary.
A strong membership base keeps us close to the community we support. Historic Pueblo, Inc. does not exist without you, the community, and we want that to be reflected throughout our organization.
Being supported by our community is our identity.

Feedback Loop

Members provide a vital connection to our governance process. We listen intently to what you say and we use this information to gauge our effectiveness and to constantly review our strategy. If we are effective, you, (our members), will continue to support us; if we slip, you'll find a better organization to support. We will always work hard to maintain your trust and support. 

A strong connection to our community maintains an effective feedback loop.

Strength in Numbers

You are the face of Historic Pueblo, Inc. You are the community. You are the reason Historic Pueblo, Inc. exists.
We are here to support your preservation efforts and extend your reach, along with educating our community of the rich history that Pueblo has. A strong membership base helps us to amplify the preservation message by demonstrating that Historic Pueblo, Inc. is robust, healthy, and growing. We want Colorado State to know and learn about the great preservation committment our community has. As the saying goes, "there is strength in numbers," and we use those numbers to continue increasing the reach of our preservation efforts.