Lake Avenue


The Lake Avenue Historic Neighborhood is not protected by designation.  It stretches from the 1000 block south up to the 2000 block of Lake Avenue.  While the neighborhood is not officially designated as an Historic District, it is anchored by three Locally Designated homes of 1005, 1007, and 1013 Lake Avenue.  

More information on Lake Avenue and the Bessemer neighborhood can be found in the context study, Forged Together in the Bessemer Neighborhood (.pdf file - 17.5 MB)

Homes of Significance:

1005 Lake Avenue | William L. Anderson House | Pueblo Local Landmark

Built in 1890. The house is significant as a unique and well preserved Queen Anne residence with a later Classical Revival front porch, an architectural type which is common in South Pueblo due to staggered building booms of 1888-1893 and then again from 1900-1910. The home also qualifies for its short but significant association with William L. Anderson, President of Iron City Fuel Company, a coal fuel company, and also qualifies for nomination under criteria 2a and b as a good example of a late Queen Anne residence. The home still has Queen Anne features such as masonry construction, detailed window surrounds, elaborate shingle work, and a complex roofline.  Designated 7-25-2011.

1007 Lake Avenue J. Euclid Miles House | Pueblo Local Landmark

The property has served as a residence since its construction in 1900 by J. Euclid Miles, who went on to become a prominent city councilman in Santa Barbara, California. The house is significant as a unique and well preserved transitional Queen Anne/Classical Revival residence. The distinctive key-hole window on the front façade with decorative stained glass is a defining feature and well preserved. The home exhibits a number of other distinctive windows and a conical porch roof. Although besides J. Euclid Miles, no other occupants are highly significant, but the well researched history strings together a complete record of occupants with personal photos of most of the previous owners documenting the role of the home as home to Bessemer’s mid-management population. Few homes are as well researched and documented as 1007 Lake Avenue.  Visit the house’s website.  Designated 5-24-2010.

1013 Lake Avenue | K. M. Flynn House | Pueblo Local Landmark

Erected in 1891 and a victim of the Silver Crash of 1892/3, this beautiful one-story Queen Anne residence was operated as a rental until the 1920s, showing that middle class aspirations in Bessemer were quickly replaced by the reality of working class housing for the influx of steel mill workers even this far west of the mill. The home is one of a few almost completely original highly decorative Victorian brick buildings in Bessemer with stained glass windows, a complex roofline, wooden shingle and crushed glass gable end cladding.  Designated 6-25-12.

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