Mesa Junction


The area is one of Pueblo’s oldest neighborhoods, dating back 110 years. Mesa Junction drew its name from its role as a trolley car interchange for the small towns that would eventually make up Pueblo. The area, then a part of South Pueblo before the various cites merged into present-day Pueblo, was the junction for several streetcar routes. Its location made Mesa Junction the gateway between the south side of Pueblo and Downtown and the north side of town.

Because of its long-standing role as a city hub, Mesa Junction has had a thriving business economy since before Pueblo was Pueblo. The business district was home to the headquarters of the South Pueblo Waterworks and the headquarters of the combined District 1 and District 20 school districts.

Several Junction businesses have been featured by the Chieftain as Pueblo Classics themselves, including Taffy's, formerly Sambo's candy store at 114 W. Abriendo Ave.; Nettie's Colorado Candies, 109 Colorado Ave.; The Pantry Restaurant at 107 E. Abriendo Ave.; the Schnarre's Cards 'N Gifts at 103 E. Abriendo Ave.; Record Reunion at 685 S. Union Ave.; and Banquet Schusters Bakery at 115 E. Abriendo Ave.

Additional information about the The Blocks can be found from the context study, Pueblo's South Pueblo Historic Context Study ( - 17.3 MB).

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