Mountain View Cemetery


The below history is from the Mountain View Cemetery flyer .

Mountain View Cemetery's history dates back more than a century. On August 10, 1881, the city of South Pueblo purchased 20 acres of land from the Colorado Coal and Iron Company at the price of $1,000 for what would eventually become known as Mountain View Cemetery.

With an eye toward the future, the City of Pueblo later acquired adjacent land containing an existing Catholic cemetery from Bishop Urban J. Vehr in 1935.  Three years later, 16 parcels of land between Acero and Prairie Avenues brought Mountain View's total land mass to 45 acres.

 In 1995, the Pueblo City Council gave final approval to a management agreement between the city and Mountain View Cemetery of Pueblo, LLC - a limited liability company owned by Gerry J. Montgomery and Marvin F. Steward.  Montgomery and Steward also own a Pueblo funeral home which bears their names.

The management agreement ended several years of efforts by the city to divest itself of the cemetery business. Mountain View had been cared for by the Pueblo Parks Department and required an annual subsidy of up to $300,000 per year.

Today, Mountain View is Pueblo's only independently managed cemetery operated by lifetime Puebloans who are committed to maintaining and embracing the cemetery property to ensure its beauty for generations to come.

Additional information can be read from the September  22, 2008 Pueblo Chieftain article titled “Historic burial grounds” and articles written for the Pueblo County Historical Society’s The Lore, titled “The Joseph McMurtry Story” and “Mountain View Cemetery Improvements.“


Visit the Mountain View Cemetery website to find out if you have a loved one residing there.

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